Increase efficiency with 3M Sprayable Sealer

Increase Efficiency with 3M Sprayable Sealer


  • 3M™ MS One-Part Sprayable Sealer in action

    Using 3M™ MS One-Part Sprayable Sealer

    Our sprayable sealer makes reproducing the original appearance of body joint seals simple when repairing vehicles, with the capability to create smooth, brushed or textured seals which match the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s appearance. See our step-by-step demonstration below for expert advice on trouble-free sprayable sealing:


    1. To ensure you have a trouble-free experience, you must always leave the cartridge attached to the spray gun. Use the rubber seal from the old cartridge before assembling the applicator.
    2. Before you begin your test spray, open the fluid needle and air control nozzles and adjust the air regulator as needed.
    3. Readjustment may be required until the seam matches the OEM in appearance. Now you’re ready to apply the sprayable sealer to the vehicle.
    4. If a brushed seam is required, simply apply the sealer in the usual way then brush out.
    5. You can create a textured appearance by increasing the air pressure and holding the applicator further away from the panel.
    6. When you have finished spraying the vehicle, close the fluid controls and leave the cartridge inside of the applicator.

    For more helpful hints and tips, see our how-to section

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